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Our RapidFix feature solves all your WordPress concerns in a swift manner! We understand that a WordPress breakdown can cause a huge loss to a business in today’s fast-paced environment. We provide top-quality WordPress support for all your content-related issues. Our support and maintenance packages for WordPress are affordable, customizable and highly interactive. Our team works closely to understand your problem, provide a solution and lays out a plan for future maintenance with the client.

We make sure that your WordPress sites are running fast, are completely secure and functioning optimally. Our RapidFix service caters to slow speed, hacked site and maintenance problems. We also provide a full site cleanup to make sure your website is secure and safe to use.

The RapidFix services are specially designed for growing businesses that can’t afford to shut down for even a day. We understand that your clients expect constant online presence from you. So, our RapidFix engineers work closely with your business to swiftly diagnose and solve all your WordPress concerns.

We ensure that your business does not come to a halt in the process! Place your order right now to understand how we make your life so much easier.
Currently, we are offering two kinds of specialized WordPress Rapid Fixes:
1. 24-hour fix
In a 24-hour time bracket, we critically evaluate the client’s problem and try our best to find the solution. If the problem is complex and the issue is a major one, we still provide an in-depth assessment and a potential timeline for the fix to help the client make an informed decision.

We have a team of highly trained WordPress developers who are experts at identifying your issue is a timely manner. They will do in-depth problem diagnosing and assessment to figure out where the issue is stemming from and then quickly create a plan of action to tackle the problem in a 24-hour window
2. On-demand support
The on-demand RapidFix is a more flexible option where our team works with the client as they come. There is no pre-booking or appointment. Your issue is taken up with priority and the quickest and most reliable fix is found by our expert WordPress teams.

In this package, we charge by the hour and ensure you get a timely fix! Get your time estimate by filling our form today! At the beginning, we will give you a time estimate and then make sure that out team solves your issue within the stipulated time limit.
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