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We provide mobile, web & cloud based solutions to top clients across the globe. Be it a an e-commerce store, portals or complex workflow applications, our goal is to provide top-notch solutions which propells growth.

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Driving Sustainability through tech

Dashboard / Reports

Enabling clients to operate more sustainably, reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact, while ehhancing quality of service & margins

  • 30XFaster task completion
  • 2%Faster Processing of Delivery Tickets
  • 12%savings in bottom-line
casestudy CASE STUDY

Streamlining Organisational Processes

Global Intranet / Intranet

Lead Development of a platform that streamlined project submission, report preparation, and knowledge sharing, saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • 2XQuicker projects submission
  • 50%savings in infra costs
  • 30daysof management team saved yearly.
casestudy CASE STUDY

Turn-around of Arabic Vacation Platform

Mobile apps / Booking Engine

Turned around a platform and booking apps in record time to meet client's GTM deadline.

  • 2XFaster search
  • 6MTurn Around Time
  • 25%savings in infrastructure costs

RC-CSV: The Easy Product Import Scheduler for Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)

Streamline your inventory management with RC-CSV, an approved inventory sync plugin for Adobe Commerce. Say goodbye to manual updates or expensive plugins and embrace a simple and affordable CSV-based solution.

  • 6/MFree support for six months
  • 100%Free installation
product PRODUCT

NxtVerify - Document verification on Blockchain

Nxtverify offers a solution that enables you to securely store your crucial data on the blockchain and conveniently verify them using a QR code. These documents can be Academic Certifications, Legal Documents, HR Documents, Supply Chain Management, Professional Licenses, Identity Verification, Provenance Tracking, etc.

  • 6/MFree support for six months
  • 100%Free installation
product PRODUCT

a-aware : human firewall risk quantified

Save time and effort in security awareness and risk quantification with continuous training and testing to prevent cyber threats.

  • 6+RBoardroom/CS Audit reports
  • 50%savings on Cyber Security Awarness Cost

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“I’ve been working with Kartik and his team. It’s a huge project and very complex implementation…What I respect the most is they respect their word. They are one of the good people that I’ve worked with. They are committed and don’t bail on you for taking a hard job.
Adel Sal, Jalis(Arabic Vacation App)

Mr. Iteb

Encros Refill

"Very competent company that deeply understands what you want to achieve as personalization. I recommend this very serious company performing many adaptations and knowing a large number of operating systems."

Michael T. Nielsen

Kunde & Co.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Rain Creatives, you can trust they will do their very best to complete your task, explain things in details and they will provide the work done in quality."

Mr. Greg Ure


"They has excellent communication skills in English - this goes a long way to getting things done right the first time. 100% happy with all his work."

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